Teleoperation with correct speed assessment and Augmented Reality features.

We develop a Teleoperation system powered by our open-architecture 3D engine. 180° Natural FOV rendering allows correct speed assessment while our open architecture enables customers to develop Augmented Reality features assisting the driver in avoiding risks and increasing productivity.

Redundant links support and a milliseconds-fast adaptive bandwidth control means safe streaming over best-effort networks like 4G/LTE and 5G.

We also deliver a live production software for the broadcast market. Our VR producer is the only (or one of few) systems doing live VR/360 stitching and real time GFX in 8K resolution.


Voysys visual system for teleoperation of autonomous cars, trucks and machines


Voysys software for live
8K VR/360°/180° productions with all the GFX of traditional broadcasts