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Measure your latency

The only way to benchmark systems against each other is to measure latency and compare results. We therefore offer our glass-to-glass latency measurement tool to everybody, and not only to our own customers.

When people talk about video latency they may refer to different definitions. Some talk about the network latency solely, while others include the time to capture images from cameras and/or the time to render to the screen. We define glass-to-glass latency as the time between lighting up a LED in front of the camera until that light is visible on the screen. The only way to really know how long it is, is to measure.

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This is how it works

The Voysys Latency Measurement software is installed on a PC/laptop to which a LED and a light sensor is connected using USB. The software lights up the LED randomly and measures the time until the light sensor detects the same light pulse on the screen.

Mount the LED in front of your camera, and the light sensor in front of your screen.

This is included

  • Latency Tester​

  • Light Sensor

  • Light Sensor 1/4" tripod mounting bracket

  • Latency Probe

  • SDI Cables

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Order the kit

For 1,000 EUR + shipping, the kit is yours. Order it know to get your hands on it as soon as we receive the next batch from production. We will invoice the total amount first when you have received the product.