Autonomous Racing car, teleoperated by Voysys software

Measure your latency

The shorter latency you have, the faster and safer you can convey a vehicle, machine or robot remotely. Benchmark systems with our glass-to-glass latency measurement tool. 

Exclusively for Voysys customers.

Video latency can be defined in different ways. We define it glass-to-glass, as the time between lighting up a LED in front of the camera until that light is visible on the screen. Measuring it is the only way to really know how long the latency actually is.

Latency Measurement software installed on a PC

Is your latency low enough?

To find out, install the Voysys Latency Measurement software on a PC or laptop to which an LED and a light sensor is connected using a USB. The software lights up the LED randomly and measures the time it takes for the light sensor to detect the same light pulse on the screen. The LED is mounted in front of the camera and the light sensor is in front of the screen.

This is included

  • Latency Tester​

  • Light Sensor

  • Light Sensor 1/4" tripod mounting bracket

  • Latency Probe

  • SDI Cables

Voysys latency Measurement kit with sensors, bracket, probe and cables.
Start measuring your latency

The kit costs EUR 1,000  plus shipping. We invoice the total amount on delivery. 

Exclusively for Voysys customers.