About Voysys


Why we are in the business

We believe that cars and trucks will one day become autonomous, and that delivery of the service “transportation” will go through a transformation of great dimension. We will see a new type of service providers owning fleets of autonomous vehicles operated from central locations. In these locations, a single human will be able to control a large number of autonomous vehicles.

We are committed to develop the visual system needed by that human controlling a fleet of autonomous machines.


Long-term commitment

We are in the business on a long-term commitment. The company is 100% self-financed and is profitable and cash-flow positive since several years. We have a strong position on the Broadcast market generating recurring license income, and we have a growing customer base with large and stable customers on the Teleoperation market.

We know that the transformation to autonomous driving will not happen in a few years, so perseverance will be crucial for anyone who wants to become a technology leader on this market.

Our strong commitment to Broadcast and industrial applications using teleoperation (forestry, mining, construction etc.) is our strategy to create scalable income also in short to medium term. Our commitment to these valuable customers is of course long term.

Contact us

To contact us, please reach out to Magnus:

Email: magnus@voysys.se
Phone: +46 70 638 8 638