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Team Voysys in front of a remotely controlled car.

Team Voysys

We develop software for use over public 4G/LTE and 5G networks that enable humans to control fleets of autonomous robots, machines or vehicles remotely.

”We constantly improve our system to enable safer working environments and higher productivity”

Autonomous shuttles in Riga, teleoperated with Voysys software.

Remote control as a competitive advantage

Robots, machines and vehicles are rapidly becoming autonomous. Service providers own fleets of robots that are operated from central locations. A single person can control a large number of autonomous machines. Real-time video from each robot is delivered with low and secure latency, even over wild and jittery 4G/LTE public networks.

Who we are

We are a team of dedicated engineers and entrepreneurs with a strong desire to help people who work in dangerous environments to carry out most of their tasks through remote operation.


We want to contribute to sustainable production by enabling the electrification of heavy machinery. 

Teleoperated mining machine. Monitored by Voysys software.

Our vision

We had an idea. What if we could fly drones with VR headsets? What if we could control robots, machines and vehicles via weak public networks? Our goal is to build a system that does just that. Today, our customers uses our system to fly drones using the public 4G/LTE network.

Find out more

Contact us for a detailed presentation of what we do and how our technology works.

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