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Team Voysys

We are committed to develop the visual system needed by humans to controll a fleet of autonomous robots, machines or vehicles over public networks like LTE and 5G.

”We really try to understand the customer’s needs to access the bigger problem. Our goal is to deliver something that exceeds the customer's expectations.”

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Passion for tech

We see an evolution towards a world where robots, machines and vehicles are gradually becoming autonomous, and where service providers own fleets of autonomous robots operated from central locations. In these locations, a single human can control a large number of autonomous machines given that real-time video from each robot can be delivered with low and safe latency over wild and jittery public 4G/LTE networks.

Our vision

We want to help humans that  work in dangerous and bad working environments by supplying a system that allows remote operation of almost any work task.

We want to contribute to sustainable production by enabling the electrification of heavy machinery.  Our system is vital in the training of artificial systems and thus help making electrical systems cost efficient.

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Who we are

Voysys was developed around a fundamental idea to control robots, machines and vehicles over large distances using public networks like 4G/LTE and 5G. Our solution is a necessary compliment to autonomous systems taking care of edge cases that are new to the artificial intelligence. The ideas resulting in what Voysys is today were born from a dream to fly a drone using a VR headset. The circle is now closed as Voysys’ customer Katla uses the system to fly drones over the public 4G/LTE network.

Contact us

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