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A hand on a keyboard during a full-scale multi-camera live VR/360°/180° broadcasting.

Live VR

Our VR Producer allows multi-camera events with full GFX in 8K VR.

broadcasting tangentbord stock.jpeg

A one-box live production system

A single computer is all you need for full-scale multi-camera live VR/360°/180° productions. Merge video, switch between multiple 360°/180° camera positions, render additional moving graphics and overlay 2D videos on top - all on one machine.

Flexible component in your production

Voysys VR Producer works in larger production flows. It could handle live stitching only, or overlays and GFX rendering. The real-time, deep-based stitching function minimizes your setup time and crew requirement. It also automatically adapts to changes in the 360 camera environment - even during broadcasts.

broadcasting kontrollrum voysys.jpg

Live VR creates experiences beyond viewers expectations.


Use Voysys value-adding features to increase your viewers appreciation of live events::


  • Add 2D broadcast as an overlay video

  • Add additional screens as overlay video

  • Include motion graphics and still graphics in 2D or 360 format

  • Add green screen video content

  • Add social network feedback or other dynamic content as HTML5 overlays​

  • Add 3D models and make them come alive

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