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”Voysys stands for a passion for technology. We are constantly improving our software to meet customers' needs.”


Working with us

Teknik osv


 Voysys is a high tech team with a flat company structure. We work closely with customers and focus on problem solving and customer orientation. We cherish an open climate where collaboration with colleagues and knowledge transfer are what develops us and drives the company forward. Our strengths are flexibility and being quick to change. 

At Voysys we value safety, flexibility and development/evaluation (vilket ord är bäst?). 

- Safety is crucial when working with autonomous vehicles. The main goal is to make it as efficient to be remotely as being present. The feeling of being there when the reality is miles away requires safe and low latency. Our goal is to make this feeling real both in broadcasting and teleoperation.  

- Flexibility is how we reach a broad perspective with the product and receive incoming interest from all possible verticals. Having customers in all types of industries makes it possible to develop different versions of the core product and focus on being customer oriented. 

- We are constantly working to be innovative and as a team encounter the challenges our customers are facing. Our team believes development is about benefiting the company as much as being able to grow on a personal level. This includes well-being, transparency and teamwork. 

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